Welcome to Hera Server

If this is your first time reading the rules, take the time to read them completely. By downloading our patch, connecting to our server or participating in our community in any way, it means an unconditional agreement for ALL areas covered by this document regardless of your ability to understand / interpret them.

Equipment / Item sharing

Any form of equipment / item sharing between players is strongly discouraged by management. If you choose to share your equipment / items, you take full responsibility for what happens to your equipment / items and accounts. If the person to whom you lend your equipment / items is banned after the equipment / items is loaned / donated, or does not return the equipment / items to you, the administration is not obliged to recover the equipment / items. If you receive equipment / items from a player who is evading the ban, you will be punished for helping to evade the ban, whether or not you know the punishment (more information is available in the ban evasion rule).

Sharing Accounts

Account sharing is strongly discouraged by management. If you share accounts with a player who is evading the ban, all of your accounts and IP addresses will be blocked permanently. If you share accounts with someone (or log into your accounts regularly) and he / she is banned, you also risk your accounts being banned; Likewise, if you are banned, there is a risk that someone you share your accounts with will also be banned.

Opening of Complaints

A player may open a complaint against anyone who violates a rule. For a report to be valid, the whistleblower must be directly involved in the incident, except in cases where the violation of the rules is not made directly to any user.

The deadline for opening complaints with screenshots (ss) is 5 days after the date it was photographed, otherwise it will be invalidated. Screenshots photographed within the game must contain the logoHera Server, date and time, and does not contain edits.

Replays with a maximum time of 30 minutes will be accepted.

Recordings made by an external program (bandicam, Fraps, OBS, etc ...), will only be accepted if they are hosted on third party sites (Youtube for example).

Reassessment of Complaints

The defendant in the complaint process may request a reevaluation of the same, if new facts and / or solid arguments are presented that prove the absence of a violation of rules. The act of requesting a reevaluation of a complaint may be done only once in a given process.

If the player requests a re-evaluation of the complaint, he will receive an alert. If you insist, you will be subject to a five-day penalty on the previous penalty.

Aggressive posts or disqualifying STAFF's work will be subject to the penalties provided for in item 2.

The minimum time difference between the complaints used to request a repeat offense is 1 day.

Ban Evasion
Since you are blocked from the server, you are not allowed to create new accounts or access / play on the server by any means. This includes: creating new accounts, hiding items in alternative accounts / clan storage, giving other players your items / asking them to "save" for you, lending / sharing someone else's account, or any other means of evading ban. Helping Ban Evasion

This includes, but is not limited to: holding items / equipment for banned players, or receiving any item / equipment from a person who is about to be banned; lend or share equipment / items with a banned player, whether consciously or unconsciously; letting a player who is banned enter or use their accounts in any way; or any other action that helps a banned player to evade his ban.

Since players should not lend their equipment to anyone or share their accounts, if you help a banned player, whether you know whether they are banned or not, it doesn't matter. Your account and items are your responsibility and you will be held responsible.

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