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  1. Useful Links

    1. Register Game Account   (4 visits to this link)

      Register your Game Account here!

    2. Download Section   (5 visits to this link)

      Here's our direct download on our Lite & Full Installer Thread

    3. Facebook Page   (7 visits to this link)

      See the Most latest news on Hera Server! 

    4. Discord Group   (10 visits to this link)

      Be updated on what's happen on our server.

  2. News & Information

    1. Announcement

      All the important news and announcements go here.

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    2. Information & Features

      All the server information and exclusive features on Hera Server

    3. Rules & Regulations   (4 visits to this link)

      The rules and guidelines you need to follow in-game and forums.

    4. Donation Section

      Help our server grow!

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    5. Download Section

      Get the Latest Lite & Full Installers here.

  3. Support & Development

    1. Question & Help

      Want to know something? We're here to help.

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    2. Technical Support

      Account and game client related issues.

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    3. Bug Tracker

      Experiencing an unintended issue or bug? Post it here so we can track it!

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